Steven Fritschle

I Hunger  (Music & Art Project)
My film professor Ece Kerayalcin, an excellent professor who  also taught me screenwriting, assigned my friend Patrick and I with the task of creating a visual story for a musical composition of her choosing. The project was filmed in Miami Dade College and it showcases many of the talents around the school and community. I called some friends, and we had a great and successful production. The project was screened in Miami Dade College and it is viewable to the public via Youtube. 

A Message in Rap: Cerebru  (Documentary)
In November or December of 2014 I met a rapper friend of mine that goes by the stage name Cerebru. We hung out multiple times and I recorded some of the events with my video camera. After gathering all the footage, I knew that I had to combine it all in a way that would showcase the talent that is Cerebru. 

Birds  (Documentary)
Short documentation about the birds that live in Heritage Park, Florida. 

Treasures of the Wetlands  (Narrative)
Short film about buried treasures located in the Florida Everglades.

Genre: Action/Comedy

Budget $125,000 (Mostly In-Kind)

​Status: The film was released publicly in December of 2016.

New Jersey Snappin'  (Music Video)

I found myself working in the state of New Jersey on a photo shoot with my good friends Danny, Andy and Derrick. My girlfriend Marta joined me in New Jersey during the last days of our production. 

Andy had told us that he wanted to make a video. He had brought his Go Pro camera with him on our multiple days visiting the city. I gathered all of the footage and I edited it. After editing, I blocked out every logo because I did not have the resources available to gather permission by every company whose logo was shown in the video. Logos are everywhere in New York City. After blocking out the logos, I had to add some kind of life to the graphics. I created my ideas, mixed it all up, and I came up with New Jersey Snappin'. 

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My name is Steven, and I work in different types of productions.

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